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Non Physical Healing Techniques like Reiki are a great complement for any Manual Therapy including the Dorn Method. They may reduce the Pain level, speed up recovery, improve the outcome of the therapy, relax the patient after a therapy session and balance the overall Energy level of people.


We use Reiki most of the time whenever we touch anybody and we like it for its easyness of use, its simplicity of philosophy and its neutral position for it is free of any attachment to a specific religion, race, group or political viewpoint. Please read the short introduction for this Energy Healing Method below:


REIKI is a Japanese term and means 'Universal Life Energy'.

It is a simple hands on healing technique which is in similar form known to mankind since thousands of years.
Rediscovered and refined by Dr.Mikao Usui last century in Japan it is now spreading fast around the planet and a true blessing for all of us.

When a Reiki Practitioner places his/her hands on anything then REIKI is channeled into it, not influenced in any way by the Reiki Giver or Receiver, and this true powerful and loving aEnergy will bring about Balance into the Energy field of the Receiver.

No Harm can be done No Mistake can be made since REIKI has its own higher intelligence where we are merely the channel for REIKI.

This balancing effect of REIKI can bring about Healing in any known Form but it will always give the Receiver what he/she is supposed to receive at this time.

REIKI helps to reconnect Body- Mind- Spirit and is a wonderful Experience for anyone open enough to receive it.

REIKI cannot be 'learned' in a usual way although we all have this Energy in us as a gift since birth. But we are getting less and less open for this Energy and therefore are often blocking its flow in our life.
A REIKI Master/Teacher can re-open us by means of initiation or also called attunement.
After these attunements we are able to receive and channel REIKI whenever we ask for it for the Rest of our life.

REIKI is in general taught in levels and with attunement by a REIKI Master/Teacher.

REIKI 1 is promoting healing on a physical level and hands on healing of others as well as oneself. There are four attunements usually done within two days.

REIKI 2 is increasing the Energy flow after the attunements for this level and promotes healing in physical as well as emotional, mental and karmic level.
With the use of sacred REIKI Symbols it allows the Practitioner to send REIKI through time and distance and connects to higher levels of consciousness.

REIKI 3 or Master/Teacher Level is intended for persons who truly want to live in the Spirit of REIKI and devote their life to share REIKI with the world.
It promotes healing on a spiritual level and includes the attunement to the Master Symbol.

REIKI is no substitute for conventional medical Treatments and in any case you should consult your physician first, but absolutely no harm can be done by giving or receiving REIKI and it is perfect in addition to all other Forms of Therapy or Treatment and helps our body to deal better with imbalances due to sickness or medication.
REIKI is not associated with any Religion or Culture and therefore open to ALL!

REIKI is NOT an occult practice that contradicts to the Bible or any other religion!

REIKI is one of the Best STRESS MANAGEMENT Treatments available!

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>>> We teach Reiki with down to earth scientific explanations without taking away the mystic aspects but I do not support the craze about different Reiki Styles and the discussion which is the best etc.



Thomas Zudrell

The Five REIKI Principals:         

Just for Today:

 Do not worry

 Do not anger

 Honor your Parents, Teachers and Elders

 Earn your living honestly

 Show gratitude to Every Living Thing